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Simple and easy to use, Pixicle can help you create memories for all your occasions. Whether you choose to create a memorable Storybook or print your favorite photos from your iPhone or iPad, Pixicle has the right app for you!

Pixicle Print App
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Our Books

Beautiful themes and high quality books starting from $19.99.
Create your Storybook in as little as 3 minutes and pick it up on the same day!

Books in Minutes

Simple user interface will let you build your Pixicle Storybook in as little as three minutes

Photos that Last

Pixicle Storybooks are printed on high quality photo paper that will preserve your memories for a lifetime

Designs that Matter

Over 150 templates for any occasion you can imagine — from baby's first Christmas to a Paris vacation

Our Prints

High quality prints in all popular sizes. Choose prints from your iPhone or iPad and pick them up in as little as an hour from thousands of locations across the United States and Canada. There's no need to wait days for your prints to come in the mail.

About Us

We believe memories are created everyday and we capture them with our smartphones. Pixicle turns your mobile photos into memory lasting Storybooks and prints you can pass down from generation to generation just like our parents and grandparents before us.


What is Pixicle?

Pixicle Helps you create and print beautiful Storybooks as well as print photos from your iPhone or iPad directly to any of our print partners!

Is Pixicle hard to use?

Pixicle was designed with you in mind.  We make it easy to print your photos or create your Storybooks!

Do I need to sign up for an account?

No need for cumbersome account setups!  Just click and print!

What photos can I print?

Pixicle can print from any album that is on your phone including Facebook and Photobucket!

What sizes can I print?

Pixicle prints the most popular sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and even square prints at selected locations!

Can I customize my photos?

You can customize your photos with over 20 Pixicle filters for both photos and Storybooks!

What are Storybooks?

Storybooks are self made photo books that help you capture and remember your special moments.  There are over 160 themes made for all different occasions. 

What do you mean you have "Themes" for Storybooks?

No generic, boring, mono-tone photobooks here like everyone else. Pixicle Storybooks have specially desgined themes for all your occasions.  Whether you're creating a Storybook for your childs first birthday or your vacation in Paris, Pixicle has created a theme specifically for your occasion!  Pixicle has a theme for almost any occasion!

Do you have Storybooks designed for social media photos like Facebook?

You bet! We have specially designed Storybooks made specifically for your social media sized photos and our library is growing everyday!

Do you have many themes?

Yes we do!  We have themes for almost any occasion.  Currently, we have over 160 custom one of a kind themes to choose from and it's growing every week!  We even have themes specifically designed for your Social media sized photos!

Where can I print to?

Pixicle can print to places like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Bartell Drugs and many more!

How many locations can Pixicle print to?

Pixicle can print to over 24,000 locations in the United States and Canada!  You'll soon be able to print your photos while on vacation in Europe and Asia too!

How long does it take?

Prints are ready for pick up in as little as 1 hour and Storybooks are ready the same day!

Does it cost more to print from my phone or tablet?

Prices are the same as if you went to the store directly! Not a penny more.

Do I have to pay on my phone?

No you don’t.  Just pay when you pick up!

Can Pixicle find the closet print store for me?

Pixicle uses the your phones GPS to locate the closest print partner you choose!